Billie Eilish Gushes About Her 'Respect' For Ariana Grande

Before Billie Eilish was praised at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards, she was praising another female singer who's been carving her own path. On the red carpet, the 17-year-old gushed over Ariana Grande while chatting to Entertainment Tonight.

"Ariana is a f**king king! Like a king," she declared. "She is just so… God, man, and the s**t that she's been through. I don't know if I have respect for anyone like I have for her, honestly."

The anti-pop star also revealed she's on texting terms with Ari, and has been able to pick her brain. "You can just tell she knows what the f**k she's doing, and even if she doesn't realize it, she knows what the f**k she's doing. And it's really impressive," Eilish said. "She just deals with it so well. It's so impressive."

Speaking of impressive, Eilish and her brother Finneas received the Vanguard Award at the ceremony and were introduced by Julia Roberts. This is just the latest of many milestones the young star has achieved in her short career. "I'm, like, through the roof, bro," she said of her success. "I'm just happy about it, you know. I don't know what else I'm supposed to be…I've been having to talk about myself in the third person because I don't know how to be like, 'I just did that, I just did this.'"

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